Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Now, This is the Life!

Me and my sweet husband making a run for it!
Arriving at our car to find some questionable material :)!
The notorious cake - not exactly what I had in mind, but I think it survived the great fall in the parking lot pretty well, don't you?
Me and my two gorgeous sisters!
Me and my nephew, Maddox. Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?
Me and my new family - The Ponds! I already love them so much!
Brian and I after our special ceremony officiated by Brian's dad.
Cutting the cake.

One full shot of my dress. I still love that thing so much! I told Brian that I was going to wear it every single day.
Hand shot.
Me and my beautiful mom. Isn't she the prettiest lady? This wedding was our shared project, and I'm so grateful to her for her help.
My awesome dad congratulating me after the ceremony.

I love this shot because it shows both of our dads. Mine on my arm and Brian's on the stage.
Exchanging vows. My sister would want me to tell you that, yes, she is pregnant. She's not just pudgy.
A shot from the balcony of the church.

Balmy summer nights? Cozy snuggling on the comfy couch? The smell of robust coffee and buttery cinnamon rolls as you stumble into the kitchen on a lazy Saturday morning? What makes life pleasant for you? Where do you find joy in the monotony of daily living? Or, do you even make it a point to delight in each day?

This summer has been a true season of reflection for me. On 06-07-08, I joined the ranks of womanhood and made that long journey down the aisle to join in holy covenant matrimony with my best friend in the whole world. It was a day like none other and probably marks a turning point in my life like no other time ever has or ever will. It was magical! Truly, think Disneyworld with fireworks and patriotic music blaring over the loud speakers while Tinkerbell makes her famed flight from the topmost spire of Cinderella's castle. That's the kind of dream my wedding day was.

If I had only known the sweetness of marriage, I think that I could've stomached those dreaded months of engagement with a little more charm and grace. For those out there who have recently been engaged or who are currently engaged, you know exactly the chaos and utter panic of which I speak. No one really prepared me for the emotional turmoil and physical exhaustion that was to accompany the transition from "me" to "we". I just had to sort of figure it out as I went, and thankfully, I'm married to the most understanding and patient man in the world. He just ushered me through those last two months with love, gentleness, and playfulness when I was probably more fit for independent confinement than bridal bliss.

At last, we made it through. The to-do list is complete, the ceremony concluded, the thank you notes sent, and the servingware stored neatly away in cabinets until I truly emerge as a mature woman who uses those sorts of things on a regular basis. We throughly reveled in every moment, both waking and sleeping, of our exquisite honeymoon at The Ritz-Carlton Resort in Grand Cayman. And, now we're done. We've found ourselves in a new and normal routine. It's fascinating, really, to think how easily we've fallen into such a comfortable pattern of joyful existence. Everything is so good. So right. So fresh. And, we've finally earned the name of our residence - for all is well on Pleasant Drive.


Anonymous said...

I love the blog! I look forward to reading your entries. Maybe Brian can make a contribution to the storyline now and then. That would be fun too! Thanks for all the nice things you said, you guys are off to a great start together. Keep the Son in your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe I'm an emotional girly, girl-but your pictures and comments are a true fairy tale. They left me teary eyed. Isn't it awesome what God can do, when we are patient and rely on Him? I too, feel that I am living a fairly tale, here on earth. God is so good and in this is our lives testimony of his never-failing faithfulness. Love, one of your new, 22 Pond cousins-Amy Scott (the oldest and of course the wisest!! J/K) Can't wait for more updates.

Unknown said...


I had no idea you were such a good writer. Really enjoyed the update!

Congratulations on everything!

Josh Koch

Whitney said...

YAY! YOU FINALLY GOT A BLOG! There is much rejoicing here in Oklahoma! :) YAY! I am so excited if you can not tell. LOVE it - I can tell this blog will be fantastic! :) Love you!

Expat No. 3699 said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. It looks like you certainly had a fairy tale wedding. Just beautiful! And congrats too both you and your husband.

Megan said...

Your wedding pictures were soo pretty! (and I really LOVED the cake!) I will be checking back in with you for sure! (now its your turn to post a "keep it real"!!)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Lindsey your husband is a HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!

Bee said...

All women become bridezilla at the end. I especially did because I was on steroids trying to get rid of head to toe poison ivy.

My daddy officiated my wedding, and it was so special. I understand how much it means to you guys that your father-in-law was able to yours.

I found your blog by clicking on a comment you left. What grade do you teach? I'm an elementary teacher, and literacy is my specialty.

Nora Lee said...

Beautiful wedding! And the cake looks fabulous to have survived a fall!

Congratulations again.

melissa ellen parker said...

YOU ARE GORGEOUS! YOUR FAMILY IS GORGEOUS! Def Living on Pleasant Drive and I can tell you deserve it.

I hope you update this blog often. I love your style. I'm gonna add you to my fav. blogs!

Crystal said...

Your wedding was beautiful! I love all the pictures you've posted. I felt the same way about my dress too, I've only put it on once in the past four years though. It's great that you had time off to spend together during the summer, my hubby and I were in a similar situation when we got married and it was great to spend so much time together.

Tam said...

HI came across your blog and wow your wedding pics were amazing!

What an amazing fairy tale wedding!

Also love your Birth Control...he is so cute!!!!