Thursday, July 24, 2008

Keeping up with the Joneses

Have you ever felt the pressure to have what others have or do what others do? I'm sure that we all have at some point. Well, my husband and I live in the teeny tiny house that I bought on my meager teacher's salary two years ago. Of course, I can't wait to move, but this morning I thought, "I love this place in the mornings. The way the sun comes through the big windows." So, I'm challenging myself to be content where I am, to bloom where I'm planted, until the time comes for us to make an upgrade. So, come along with me and look at our humble abode. . .

The above two pictures are of our bedroom. Most recently, I painted our big, very outdated wooden poster bed. It's a great, solid piece of furniture, but I just couldn't handle the wood look. I think this room has a coastal feel.
This is our guest room. And, yes, the walls are striped with shiny and matte stripes of varnish. I love the sophistication that this adds, and it's about the cheapest and easiest form of jazzing up normal paint.
This is the view from our front door. I hate the fact that we don't have a true entryway, but I love the openness of this living space. And, you'll probably notice, I love all things red.
With the marriage, I inherited my husband's huge, manly furniture. It's way too big for this space, but you do what you gotta do. And, it's SO comfortable! And, that's our dog, Samson.

And, this is our little kitchen. Again, love me some red!

So, I'd love your comments amd ideas about how I can make our space more visually appealing. And, please share pictures of your own comfy homes.


Whitney said...

I plan on doing a week long post showing my house when we get back from Seattle in a week. (we leave Saturday...yay!) I love yours, as you already know. It's absolutely charming and so you! :)

Bee said...

I love your kitchen. I think you're doing just fine decorating your house. It is beautiful. I'm currently typing an entry on keeping up with the Joneses. Have you ever read If Only I Had a Green Nose by Max Lucado? It's such a beautiful book. I've written a posting about it too that I should publish one day next week. Don't get sucked into it. It's so easy to do, and I promise nothing but heartache comes out of it.

Second grade is my favorite year to teach! I used to think I wanted to teach first until I taught second. That was it. No going back for me. I've only gotten to teach 2nd grade two years. Every time I interview I get offered third, even though I think I'm going in for a second grade job. It's because of my reading knowledge, and third graders in GA have to pass the state reading test. The joys of AYP.

It's great to run into another elementary teacher. I'll keep visiting your blog:)

Nora Lee said...

What a cute cute house! I love your kitchen and especially the RED. Thanks for stopping by and visiting, and best wishes on your new marriage!

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

very lovely house. i love white cupboards in the kitchen. am in the process of working that into the plans for our kitchen. i love the guest bedroom too. looks like it has an old door behind the bed? lovely!

Michele said...

I love love love your house!!! And your kitchen is to die for - love the red!

Now I'll have to clean up my house so I can post pics of all my rooms.


Meg said...

I love your house! I love the red!

MereinSC said...

i love the green in your guest bedroom! it is sophisticated but at the same time it's very inviting... i don't like going to people's house and feeling like i can't touch stuff in the guest room b/c i might mess it up!

i think if added some red throw pillows to your couch it would make it a little more feminine and would make it more open and bright... just an idea, hope you don't mind!

Sweet Simplicity said...

You have done such a good job decorating your house! I love all the paint colors--good choices! I feel you on the be content where you are thing. We just celebrated our one year anniversary and my husby just completed his first year of medical school. Talk about living on a budget! We will look back on all this one day and talk about the good ole days when we were poor but life was great! :)

melissa ellen parker said...

OH MY! I LOVE YOUR "TINY" house. It seems so cozy! My hubby and I are in the process of buying - and man is it overwhelming!

I would say keep it how it is... But that's just me. I adore your cute nest!

Crystal said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's funny, but I found your blog today too through Whitney's blog and put you on my Google reader so I could keep up with it. It's nice to "meet" a new blogger with similar interests.
I think your house is adorable. My kitchen is white and red as well (with a little black). I wanted to paint the walls red SO BAD but our landlord wouldn't let me :-( I like what you said about being ready to move but trying to bloom where you're planted. I've recently taken on that philosophy. As much as I want to move, I know it will be another 2 semesters before my hubby is finished with his PhD, so I'm trying to be content and enjoy where I am as much as possible. I have no idea what I am going to do for a job, but anything will be better than the school I was at. I love teaching, I just needed a break. It'll be interesting to see what this year has in store for me, it's a little scary but a little exciting too.

Katie said...

I love your home! I struggle with being content where I am too. I think its a woman thing! But your home is so cute and your bedrooms look so cozy! Plus you have a super cute doggie!

Sarah said...

Well said! I found you through a blog (the title of your blog is similar to mine) and I'm glad I stopped for a visit. I like your house and how you have it decorated. I'll be back!

Amy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog; I really appreciate your sweet comments.
We have much in common.
I live on Pleasant Valley Drive.:)
Steel Magnolias, Hope Floats, and The Wedding Planner have kept me entertained while on bed rest.:)
To Kill a Mockingbird is also a favorite of my whole family.

Our dog, Allie, is an Am Staff. She is my baby!:)

Your house is darling, and your wedding pictures are BEAUTIFUL!
I love weddings, and cake!:)

My husband built the house we live in right before we got married, and it was 1,080 square feet, and we loved it. But 8 years and 2 kids later, we needed some more room, so we did and addition onto our house. Now we have plenty of room.

I have no desire to keep up with the's too expensive. I like being a stay at home mom and being with my boys and Allie.:)

I love the color in your house. We have lots of color here too, but it needs updating. And being on bed rest, I have had plenty of time to think about EVERYTHING that needs done.:) I think my husband is nervous for me to be back to normal.:)

Congratulations on your marriage.
I pray that God Blesses you and your spouse abundantly.

God Bless,

Blogger said...

I think your home is perfect, the style and the size!

Our last house was a cozy bungalow, that I was always complaining was 'too small', we have a home twice the size and I complain that it is 'too big', lol. But it is! We only use a few rooms of the house, several rooms and the basement are just wasted space for us...we had a cute, tiny, compact yard at the old we have an acre and it is so much to keep up with.

My next home will be a cozy ranch, with an open least that is what I keep telling myself ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog...I am enjoying yours as well...and I can see we share similar tastes in master bedrooms :)

Have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is ADORABLE! Jay (my fiancee) wants a red kitchen--like REALLY wants a red kitchen. More than I do, and that's saying something!

You have a lovely home, and it's encouraging to see; I'll have one of my own soon enough. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog; I'll be back!

Unknown said...

I love the've done a really good job. You are so right about be happy where you are right now...Now is where you are...

I tend to get bold with color...then wimp out on the next choice and hate it...then go bold again...then wimp...ugh...