Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday Bashes and All That Flashes!

Yesterday was my new sister-in-law's birthday. She turned the dreadful age of 25. I, too, am 25, and I just keeping thinking, "GEEZ! A quarter of a century? Where has the time gone?" I'm getting too old, too fast. And, I even found a gray hair the other day, and I've been fighting off the crow's feet for years. Anyway, my vanity is a whole other post, so on with the story. Brian and I have the convenience of having all of our immediate family right here in the same town. I know, I know, we're so lucky. But, here's the problem, when your family is only a stone's throw away, you tend to take them for granted, rather than setting aside intentional time to spend with them. However, the birthday extravaganzas always envoke a sense of nostalgia and specialty in me. I love celebrations! I love any reason to decorate. This particular bash was at my in-laws house.

Aren't these cupcakes cute? My sister-in-law (not the birthday girl) made them, and she even made one for each of our dogs. She is the cutest!

Yes, that is my humorous husband blowing a wooden whistle. You know how you just kind of expect noisy toys to lose their threat after the recipient is, oh, about 10 years old? Well, no such luck for me. My man is a kid at heart, and I'm so glad that he is! He blew this thing 'til the sun went down. Actually, he blew it until I hid it in my purse :)

Here's Lauren, the birthday girl and bride-to-be. She's getting married in August.

And, here are some onlookers. Yes, Brian is still a little Whistlin' Dixie, or Pied Piper, as he referred to himself. Also pictured is Erin, my sister-in-law who made the yummy cupcakes, and Josh, Lauren's fiance.

I'm always interested in ways to make birthday parties for adults fun. Too many times, we kind of lose our gusto as the years creep by. What do you do to make adult birthdays a true bash?


Sweet Simplicity said...

My husband is still a kid at heart, too! This past year I threw him a surprise birthday party at Incredible Pizza. He and his friends had such a good time. Tulsa is getting a Dave and Buster's soon, maybe that will be more appropriate for next year. Here is a link to a post about his b-day:

Whitney said...

Tulsa is getting a Dave and Busters? Where have I been? Oh. And I love it that my Lindseys have found each other. That is precious to my soul. ;)

Hey, guess what? I love those cupcakes! And I LOVE his sister - the one who made them. She is just a doll and so so nice. Love her. And guess what else? I gave you a bloggie award! Check it out and pick it up on my blog. :)

Unknown said...

what fun pictures! i LOVE to throw any sort of a party and find any reason to celebrate. we don't really do anything too crazy...just usually have lots of fellowship, food, and play cards!

i love your site!

My Three Girls (The A girls) said...

My girlfriend is having a "Naked Lady Birthday party/ sleep Over" I at first thought it was a joke. But she did explain it. It gets its name because it was started out that you wore and outfit to trade and brought things to trade. She has asked us to keep our clothes on But to bring items to swap. Anything not taken will go in a donation pile for goodwill. I am trying to think of some "odd items" to bring, That is just who I am.

Anonymous said...

It's hard once you have kids but it always includes lots of friends and food! And wine.

Meg said...

Nothing wrong with being a kid at heart :)

We don't really do anything fun for birthdays, I guess. Just a pick what you want for dinner and same with desert.

Michele said...

My Glenn is still at kid at heart too..and I love him that way! If we can't have fun and laugh..then life would be way too boring.

Love the cupcakes!!!


Katie said...

How fun! My husband would also be blowing a whistle if he could get his hands on one!

Amy said...

I've never really thrown an adult bash, so I don't have any great ideas.:)

I loved that you finally hid the wooden whistle in your purse, that made me laugh out loud.:)

My husband's birthday is tomorrow (July 30) and mine is Friday (August 1) but since I'm still dealing with this bed rest nonsense, our celebrations will be eating together and watching a movie in bed. (Which just happens to be my favorite thing to do with my hubby, and Allie of course.) :)

Next year, God willing, I will be "healthy" and we are going to ring in our new ages in style.:)

Enjoy being 25.....Shannon will turn 43 and I will be turning 39 (I tease him that he will always be OLDER than me.) 39 is a weird one......When I was a teenager, I thought 40 was practically the age of most geriatric patients....Now it seems much younger.:)

God Bless,