Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And Baby Makes Three . . .

It's not what you're thinking. No, I'm not announcing that I'm pregnant after less than two months of wedded bliss. Let me just let you in on a little experience that I like to call "birth control". You know the aforementioned cutest nephew in the world? He was the ringbearer in our wedding? Well, this child is my absolute favorite, so far anyway, he has a baby sister scheduled to arrive in October, and I'm sure she'll be right up there with him. Anyway, I crave time with him and for the first eight or so months of his life, I saw him pretty much every day - give or take a few. He is know the ripe old age of two-and-a-half, and we decided to have him over for a sleepover. It was a twenty-four hour frenzy of fun, but let me tell you, the Ponds are not gonna be known as "Mom and Dad" anytime soon. We were beat after only one night of fun!
First on our schedule was taking him to his first "big movie", Wall-E. It was all fun and games until the candy was gone, but who can blame him, after all, this movie was about robots - ICK!
After the movie, we went home and made pepperoni pizza. He was a great help at smushing the pizza crust. (And, some of you get a peak into our teeny little 1950s kitchen. Don't you love the original Kitchen Aid oven? It was one of the features that charmed me into this house.)
I love this picture for two reasons - one, Brian is doing such a good job of entertaining. And two, yay for early literacy. Am I a primary teacher, or what?
We have a playground across the street from our house, so I definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity to take advantage of that freebie :)
Bathtime with Vito. I'm not sure who got the better bath, but this war lasted for about 15 minutes.
Wildbird Walkabout at the zoo. Now, I've never been a bird fan, and frankly, I find them quite repulsive. But in the interest of our fun day, I put my grievances aside to feed the birds from a stick.
No zoo day is complete without finishing up with lunch at Dairy Queen. Actually, this was his choice - trust me! But, again, I put my own interests aside and indulged the boys in a meal of steakfingers and Texas toast and gravy. And actually, I hate to admit it, but this is a secret pleasure of mine, too.
After that, it was time to go home for a nap. I'm not sure who needed it most, but we all three sacked out for about two hours. And, rest assured, that's as close to parenthood that I plan to get for quite some time.


Katie said...

Thanks for the blog love! Your 1950's kitchen is TOO CUTE! Thats what I want my kitchen to look like (it's stuck in the 70's)

Also, your whole judging a book by its cute cover thing cracks me up. I do that too! I have read some great books in the process!

Michele said...

Isn't that amazing about kids??? They absolutely wear you out...but it's fun! Your nephew is absolutely adorable!!


Whitney said...

Okay - so you did ALL of that in one day?! You are super Aunt! Did I tell you I am about to be an Aunt? Casey is preggers. Wooo hooo! I can't wait!

Um. I hated and despised Wall-E with all I had in me. What would have made it even worse would be if it were set in the 1800's. ;)

Expat No. 3699 said...

Your nephew is a little cutie! Now I think I need a nap after reading about everything you three did.

And yeah, like Whitney said...Super Aunt!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think it's more exhausting than having your own. When you have a baby you grow into each other and basically never learn to it's all good!

Cute site by the way!

Julie Adams Gray said...

I thought you lived in the other house? Is this your original house? I am confused. Dang it.

Looks like fun. We had my two year old niece Rylie in West Texas and I love to entertain her... until she gets grumpy or needs a diaper. Then I give her back.

Nora Lee said...

Oh my that picture with your dog at the tub is priceless!

Diane said...

Thanks for the sweet comment! You will one day be a fantastic Mom. :)